This is our very first podcast that is actually audible.  Join Adam and Jesse as they describe their struggles to get the Southern Draw podcast off the ground.  Oh yeah...they also talk about hunting.  Thanks for checking us out.

In this episode Adam is joined by his two hunting partners Sam Ellison and Josh Moremen.  Adam and Josh describe their early days a field together and how they came about co-creating Southern Draw and started producing films.  Josh also works for Delorme, a now Garmin company and we interrogate him about the InReach product and how it has changed the game for affordable off-the-grid communication.  Stay tuned for more.

Adam and Sam have a short conversation about an upcoming Osceola Turkey hunt at the Disston Skinner Ranch.  Check our other turkey hunting adventures at Teamsoutherndraw.com under the videos tab.  They won't disappoint.  Be sure to leave us a comment or give us a review on iTunes. Thanks for checking us out!

On this episode, Adam, Sam and Jesse talk about their preparation procedures for getting ready for a backcountry western hunt.  Adam and Sam share what has worked for them as flat-landers traveling from Florida to the high country.  Jesse also chimes in with his training regiment in the west.  The guys talk about untraditional workouts, briefly touch on gear (another podcast for details) and the mental toughness it takes to be a successful hunter off the grid. By no means are we experts, but we have overcome the fear of the unknown. We hope our experiences motivate and help others who are desiring to venture from East to West