Partners and Friends

Badlands' products are some of the most rugged gear that we are outfitted with.  Between their packs, their camo, their camping gear, and there lifestyle products,  we stand behind every stitch that Badlands releases.  Make sure to visit their site often, as the are always dropping some of the most bravo alpha gear every made!  We recommend Badlands for every season in every region!

We are excited that we are partnering with Maven for the 2015-2016 hunting season! This company is on the forefront of high quality and fully customizable optics! Go check out their website and try out "building" your own binoculars!

Havalon is the maker of one of the most important items we carry into the field.  Their surgical knives, designed specifically for outdoor application, are the sharpest knives we have ever used and with easily replacable blades, our hunts are never "dull"!

Us Southern guys couldn't have asked for a much more needed partner!  Heat Factory is literally keeping us hot this year even in the highcountry of the Northern Rockies...AND YES, it actually does get quite cold in Florida too!  Go check out all the awesome and innovative products Heat Factory has at

The DeLorme inReach gives more peace of mind than any other thing we carry into the swamps and mountains.  Using the Iridium Satellite network, SOS and Friends & Family are never more than a button push away, anywhere in the entire world!

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